St. George, Utah – College students attending Dixie University will have more choices for summer jobs, year-round employment, and internship opportunities with the opening of Splash City St. George water park .. The University has teamed up with the water park to offer internships, as well as part-time and full-time jobs for students.

Splash City St. George water park will bring approximately 100 jobs to the St. George area year-round, and during the busy peak summer season that will expand to around 350 total jobs.

James Mayoros is spearheading the $25 million water park project, and knows the value that employment opportunities and internships can provide for students. Mayoros’ own career as a businessman and entrepreneur began when he moved to Southern Utah for college and found only limited job opportunities. He created his own pest control business and revived a failing landscape company, eventually turning it into a million-dollar enterprise.

“We want to help students expand their skill set in several areas of business, and the Splash City water park internship programs will give students a unique chance to see our business operations up close,” said Mayoros.

The college internship program will begin in 2021, but students are already emailing Mayoros to express their interest.

Two independent feasibility studies conducted to determine whether it would be a good investment revealed that not only will the water park bring a highly desirable venue for families to escape the summer heat in Southern Utah, it is also ideal for bringing jobs, social activities, and learning opportunities to students at Dixie State University.

Construction has resumed on the 23-acre water park located at 2200 East Middleton Drive and the park is scheduled to open in spring 2021. Information on jobs and internships will be available on the water park’s website soon at

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